Richard Taylor
Richard TaylorSenior Competition Analyst and Case Manager

Richard started his career at the Competition Bureau of Canada in 1983 as a Junior Investigator after graduating from McMaster University with a master’s in Economics. During this period, he worked on several major files including the Cineplex refusal to deal inquiry and consent order, the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia price-fixing prosecution, and the Kent and Waterloo County price-fixing inquiries.

He was promoted to Senior Investigator in 1988 and was responsible for the collection and analysis of evidence for files such as the Seaspan – Cates and ATR – DeHavilland merger reviews and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) flour milling bid rigging prosecution and settlement. In 1997, after Richard became an Assistant Deputy Commissioner, he spent time in the Civil Matters, Merger and Cartels Branches, overseeing all aspects of major case development and complaint handling. In this capacity, he oversaw many files including the Interac inquiry and consent order, the United Grain Growers (UGG) – Agricore merger review and divestitures, and the Quebec gasoline price-fixing inquiries and prosecutions.

In 2004 Richard was promoted within the senior ranks of the Bureau’s management to Deputy Commissioner of Competition of Civil Matters Branch, which is responsible for enforcing the civil monopolistic practices sections of the Competition Act such as the abuse of dominance provisions. He was responsible for the advancement of the Canada Pipe Competition Tribunal proceedings, the VISA/Mastercard price maintenance case before the Competition Tribunal and the National Hockey League (NHL) geographic restriction inquiries among many others. In addition to his leadership position in the Civil Matters Branch, over this period, Richard provided input to the Commissioner regarding the Rogers – Microcell and Labatt – Lakeport mergers.

In 2012, in recognition of his expertise in applying economic analysis to competition law cases, Richard was appointed for one year to the T.D. MacDonald Chair in Economics at the Competition Bureau. In this role, he provided strategic economic advice and guidance on major cases and policy initiatives within the Bureau. Returning to his role as Deputy Commissioner of the Civil Matters Branch in 2013, Richard oversaw the development and progress of the E-Books case and consent order, Google inquiry, Vancouver Airport inquiry, and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) cases. Richard concluded his career as Special Enforcement Advisor to the Commissioner of Competition between 2016 and 2019. In this role, Richard provided advice to the Commissioner on major cases including retail gasoline mergers, the Bell/MTS merger, E-Books, and Vancouver Airport among many others. Throughout his career at the Competition Bureau, Richard has worked on or oversaw more than 50 major cases from the Merger, Monopolistic Practices, and Cartel Branches. He has accumulated an unprecedented depth of knowledge of procedures, practices, investigative techniques, the provisions of the Competition Act, and the application of economics to them.

 In February of 2019, after retiring from the Bureau, Richard Joined the Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a Senior Telecommunications Policy Analyst assigned to the Mobile Wireless Services Review (CRTC 2019-57), announced in February of 2019. In this capacity, Richard was responsible for preparing the comprehensive competition analysis which the CRTC ultimately relied upon in their Decision (CRTC 2021 – 130), released on April 15, 2021. In addition, he was also responsible for preparing all of the information requests associated with the competition analysis and for preparing questions relating to the competition analysis for the hearings held in February of 2020. He joined The Law Office of Calvin Goldman, K.C. in April of 2021 as Senior Competition Analyst and Case Manager. He continues in this role by providing valuable and insightful advice to other members of the law firm.